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With the bustle of local Los Angeles, find serenity in our charmingly rustic ranch; Hacienda Saucedo. Our ranch is owned by a minority veteran woman leader and self-established businessman Juan Carlos Saucedo. Having grown up separate, but both coming from struggle, the two found sanctuary in hard work and resilience.  This is exactly what they portray in Hacienda Saucedo Ranch. Hacienda is an adventurous place with acres on end of natural foliage that surrounds our three pondside venues. The three venues include our Oak venue, Japanese Garden venue, and our Equestrian venue. Hacienda Saucedo is home to pigs, goats, and many horses that spend their days grazing and basking in the bright sun that gleams over the hills. Their wonderful 330+ acre land holds 3 natural ponds making it a wonderful destination both for newly weds, and guests who love the natural setting. Both Alcaraz and Saucedo have been together for 8+ years themselves, they greatly believe Haciendo Saucedo Ranch should not only bring joy but love as a whole. This does not only mean partners, but soulmates, family, and friends. They believe you should dream without fear and love without limits. Veronica and Juan want to bring happiness to whomever comes to their ranch.


Our Company Headquarters

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